Social and Emotional Learning

Transition Center

Social & Emotional Learning

Yancy life uses a comprehensive, holistic curriculum to develop healthy relationships between our instructors, students, campus personnel and members of a school’s educational community. The curriculum developed by flippen group is designed to improve students’ emotional well-­‐being and social functioning, including improving communication with parents, reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation, improving self-­‐efficacy, and minimizing problem behaviors. Based on social-­‐cognitive learning theory, the program is made up of lessons that include role-­‐play, group activities, presentations, and projects. Our instructors present the lessons to students during 50 minute sessions over a period of one semester or an entire school year. The lessons help students to strengthen their school connectedness by enhancing protective factors and decreasing risk factors. Students also learn how to develop healthy relationships, handle peer pressure, build public speaking skills, make responsible decisions, resolve conflicts, and develop a sense of personal responsibility.

Program Design

Content Elements

  • Explicit Character Education and Leadership Instruction
  • Social and Emotional Curriculum
  • Academic Curriculum Integration

Pedagogical Elements

  • Direct Teaching
  • Interactive Teaching/Learning
  • Classroom/Behavior Management
  • Modeling/Mentoring
  • Professional Development

Key Indicators Of School Performance Addressed

  • Decreased Discipline Referrals
  • Increased Student Achievement
  • Increased Attendance Rates
  • Increased Graduation Rates
  • Increased Teacher Satisfaction