"Building our communities...
...One Life At A Time!"
A Yancy Life is a flexible all-in-one provider We
are capable of providing each campus a
multi-activity program which can service up to
100 students and includes enrichment,
tutorials, and/or a campus coordinator.  We
can service schools during normal school
hours, after school, summer school, extended   
summer school, or apartment / site based
programs depending on the need.  Our
programs service grades 1st-12th.  Any of our
programs can be adapted to bilingual  learners
at the request of the campus.
Aerobics (for Parents)       
Arts and Crafts        
B.A.M. (male mentoring/etiquette)
Chess Club                        
Computer Literacy
Drum line
ESL Workshops
F. A. M. E (female mentoring/etiquette)
Financial Literacy
Homework Club
Media / Technology
Special Events
Sports Clinics
Talent Development
Tutorials (All Core Subjects / STAAR)
Our Enrichment
Our Tutorials
  •         Our pull-out method pulls students out of class in
    small group tutorials with a teacher to student ratio of no
    more than 1:8.  This method is beneficial to reach students
    easily distracted by the traditional school setting.  

  •         Our push-in method is similar to co-teaching.  With
    this method the Yancy tutor is placed into to the classroom
    to reinforce the material delivered by the lead teacher.

  •         Our after-school services give students a chance for
    additional help and uses the small group tutorial format as
    described in our pull-out method. Saturday Tutorials

  •         Our in-home tutorial services allow the flexibility to
    provide 1 on 1 tutorials through the Supplemental
    Educational Services program (SES). Saturday Tutorials
The Yancy Life tutorial program offers a challenging academic curriculum that
emphasizes sequential development of courses in the basic disciplines
(English-Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Spanish) including
Bilingual/ESL services. Reading, writing, speaking and listening will be integrated
in all subject areas. Our goal is to use results from Texas approved standard
assessment instruments to drive instruction. This method will allow us to diversify
and modify instruction to fit the needs of each individual student by targeting each
participants needs. The STAAR will be the foundation of the curriculum.
Our Programs