"Building our communities...
Yancy Life received its 501(c) (3) on January 23, 2003, making it a publicly funded
organization. We currently serve as a premiere program for tutorials (at school, on
location, or at home) and after-school enrichment provider that serves youth ages 6-18.
 Our programs support the creation of community learning centers that provide
academic enrichment opportunities for children, particularly students who attend
high-poverty and low performing schools. Our program helps students meet state and
local student standards in core academic subjects, such as reading / math, in addition
to offering students a broad array of enrichment activities that can complement their
regular academic programs.  We also offer literacy workshops and other educational
services to the families of participating children.
...One Life At A Time!"
Yancy Life Makes
Commitment to Advance
Student Achievement!
Yancy Life is seeking dynamic instructional specialist
to provide reading, math, & science tutoring to
students’ grades 3rd – 12th.  Yancy Life has proven to
be a stepping stone for aspiring teaching professionals
and experienced instructional specialists to gain
relationships with several Houston area schools.  Our
goal is to give effective teaching to every student, in
every school, every day.  If you are interested in
joining our team of life changers please
click here!
Our Vision
                                             We recognize that the interest,          
                                             encouragement, and cooperative efforts
                                             manifested by the home, the church and the
community have a profound influence on the development of an individual's
happiness, ideals, attitudes and appreciation for the worthwhile things of life.
We aim to provide engaging activities that capture every student’s creative,
exploratory or academic minds leading them to seek increased learning
opportunities and improving their aspirations for life. We will improve life
skills, there by improving our communities, one life at a time.
Proceeds from our programs go towards the construction of
Yancy Life Transition Center,
and will aide future student enrichment services.