"Building our communities...
...One Life At A Time!"
Our Mission
To encourage the development of life skills, creative arts, multi-media, academic
excellence and promote higher education for all students yet placing emphasis on at risk
Our Philosophy
It is important to us that we provide a great service, that produces 100% success in the
form of college graduates and successful adults, who come back to support the
organization, and the community.  It is equally important to us that we uphold an honest
and integrity filled organization.
Our History
Yancy Life Transition Center is a non-profit organization established in
January of 2003 operating in the school system since 2004. Yancy has
been a key provider of Tutorials and After School Enrichment Programs
in several Houston area school districts for almost ten years. The
company receives its business mostly through referrals from Principals
and Coordinators. The company has expanded from just four staff members in 2004 to 58 staff members currently. The
organization provides services year round including the summer months, when students are out of school. The
organization boasts its mission in bridging the disconnect between parents, schools, local businesses and local
politicians by involving all the aforementioned in the student led activities.
Our Name Sake
Mary Yancy, better known as Momma, survived a whole lifetime on a primary school education.  Despite the struggles of
her life, Momma Yancy was a happy, spirited woman, who blessed every life she touched. She served as a mentor and
grandmother figure to the youths in the fourth ward community.  Momma Yancy would gather the young men in the
neighborhood and spend time with them camping and teaching them the word of God. Through community service and
a kind spirit, she saved many young souls from being lost to the demons, which plague our neighborhoods and
communities.  Trevor Taylor, Executive Director and founder of Yancy Life Transition Center is one of those young man
she impacted. Yancy Life Transition Center embraces that kind spirit. The work is not yet done, there are still far too
many young men in our community being abandoned, with out the benefit of shelter, love and guidance.
Facts and Circumstances
after school, for enrichment activities. Local businesses lend their support through providing venues for the participants
to display their work and talents. These businesses also offer financial and in kind contributions to the organization.
Local leaders who lend their time to show up to events also support the organization. The organization goes beyond
appeal only for students, but it involves parents, local leaders, civil servants and neighborhood businesses as well.

Some intangibles are the semi-annual feasts that the organization hosts at each school. The goal of each extravaganza
is to showcase the student’s hard work. The students in the Drum Line perform a number of trail blazing routines, while
the students in the dance classes reflect their varying dance movements and styles. During theses activities, local
leaders come out and enjoy the fun and games with the students, parents and school administrators on an informal

The students also participate in outside activities like Kidz Day provided by local executive Marcus Davis, at the Break
Fast Klub, hosted monthly. This year the students were able to perform in the Annual Houston Live Stock Show and
Rodeo. Research shows that parents become less involved with their child’s education post primary school. Yancy
bridges this disconnect by keeping the parents involved all the way through secondary education. Our parents transport
their children to and from activities when they are able to, as well as provide a cheering section for the students
when they are performing, or displaying their work.

The organization will continue to fund raise with raffles and other fundraising methods such as planning major
fundraising events like Golf Tournaments. The organization will continue to press forward in youth services. Yancy will
carry on its collaboration with local businesses and other public supported organizations and other persons having like
interests and goals. Yancy will also move forward in securing facilities in which to service displaced youths.

A vast Board of Directors including an attorney, CPA, Journalist, teachers, and entrepreneurs have dutifully supported
the organization.